maybe you often get angry and say words

Sep 18


ok i wore myself out im probably never going to be able to think again, i just want to read fanfic and play minecraft bc im worthless etc. (not that other people who do those things are worthless) (this is just a self hate/self punishment thing y .„,) i should be cleaning things an d moving things. 

i died like an asshole in lava in my fave world, and lost a bunch of my Cool Enchanted Tools (and im guessing i cant recover bc … lava… ???? ) and when i respawned on my bed, two of my armor stands were missing and so were some picture frames with tools in them : (  i JUST REALIZED INCL. MY DIAMOND PICkaxe : (( im on a private world on peaceful so i dont kno what the fuck happened there


"i’m just being the devil’s advocate" did he send you from hell??????? is he paying you for that job or is part of your punishment for being a terrible human being that you gotta do it for free

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this is RIDICULOSU i have done nothing for DAYS but talk about metatheater BULLSHIT and whine about this FUCKING BIOGRAPHY and now i cant even get out two  two page fucking essays about it. im going to rush these at the last minute bc im just. i dont know .

and im going to spend like, all day beating myself up about how thoughtlessly and quickly i threw them together, when thats innacurate because i really have been thinking about this biography for weeks and these essays for days and its like the meat of it is up there im just. A Coward etc.  

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designing 4 belk i think….yup……..


i hate nights before deadlines i cant get anything done and i cant sleep or enjoy myself either just stew about how i dont do anything until i get close enough to Crunch Time to actually write the thing and i feel incompetent and undeserving the entire time. “undeserving of what” everything . its not even like what i need to do is hard i just leave it to the last minute and then if i get a good grade i feel bad about it. 

okay now we’re back on firm ground, by which i mean duncan-jones is arguing that in as you like it touchstone = shakespeare (which i already figured would be a Thing a lot of ppl would think and also me i’m thinking it right now) and jaques = jonson and this is fun because i was picking up a lot of touchstone/jaques stuff when i first watched/read it and also like i have no idea how else to read that speech jaques gives about meeting touchstone in the forest i just dont. the gay agenda at work. 

im skipping the julius caesar section. im already mad at duncan-jones because she keeps making all the gay bits angstier than necessary. 

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im writing an essay on this now oh no thank u for indulging me! the shakespeare fandom is so alive tonight

yessssSSSssssssssssssss you’re like the fourth person on my dash to say that about shakespeare fandom tonight!!!!! thank you for writing Good Essay Things, yr doing the good work. 

i cant believe shes going on now abotu richard field and sources for ceez and henry v and how shakes could’ve gained access to these materials and only mentioned the countess of pembroke’s translation of marc antonie like briefly like !!!!!! come ON