maybe you often get angry and say words

Jul 31

"the water that falls on you from nowhere" by john chu — also gay. good job kids. This Pleases Me. 

protag of “selkie stories are for losers” is a server, points to samatar so far. hopefully also Gay. 

eta: heck yea gay 

thegreatgodum said: lol @ the review thing. like. andre norton not only published with an ambiguous pseudonym but also neatly split her work between Boy SF (spaceships, interstellar trade, outlaws, soldiers riding dinosaurs) and Girl SF (witches, priestesses, castles, clarke's third law) like she's literally a case study in SF's issues all by herself.

yep yeah yep yes.  and so is (natch„„, ) tiptree, bc of the split b/t when ppl thought she was a man and afterwards (which is proof btdubs that editors DO pay attention to gender of the author, cause like, silverberg used to pub her all the time and then after 76/77 NOPE). 

or like c.l. moore, who reviewers in there namedrop too, who co-wrote shit w/ her husband too (so like, where stories written by henry kuttner end and c.l. moore’s begin is hard to define?) and they joint published some under a male pseudonym and her pen name is also ambiguous. 


gdi my sister and her boyfriend moved all the stuff that was in the car of mine still from when me and dad moved everything out of my apt while i was at work and i started crying bc they put all my clothes on the kitchen table and i was just so overwhelmed, i started crying like, hysterically, in front of the boyfriend i feel so bad he didn’t ask for this . i mean i apologized and stuff. and when we pulled up and i saw it was in the garage i swore and mom got mad at me for that and i think she’s mad at me now for being so Emotional or whatever im just like, i left stuff in the car and now its in the garage did anything get fucked up bc of that? did i ruin things w/ the heat? w/ bugs and shit? what did i ruin, what did i break, im lazy for leaving those things there. jordan has to take one of my bookshelves to lawrence bc she’s moving apts and i dont know. shes too cheap to get her own? so im out a bookshelf tho it was the one i found by the dumpster and its a small one but thats still like Upsetting to me but it seems so unreasonable to say no, u cant have that. im just, mad at myself bc i know i upset everyone and im tired and i have to go back to work tonight and this has just derailed me and i dont want to do anything w anything the end sorry. 

I haven’t read all the Hugos stuff and I have to work tonight. Do you think it’s bad to vote for things on general Principle

just realized not going to get degree until im 23, had moment of utter despondency, im such a failure GOD right now is not the time for this im just. such a failure. 

cygnahime replied to your post:anoteinpink replied to your post: OH MY GOD DAVE…
oh my god what a tool
cygnahime replied to your post:anoteinpink replied to your post: OH MY GOD DAVE…
I’m sorry I have nothing of more substance but holy shitting fuck. such a fucking tool.

no i mean thats a p good summary. i think youve got the general idea. 

anoteinpink replied to your post: OH MY GOD DAVE TRUESDALE REVIEWED THE…

also fucking hell ya think certain ~~sociopolitical agendas might contribute to people feeling more welcomed in the sff/f community l m a oooooooo

hdu not care THE MOST about everyone thinking we are a Cool Club. “but i think we should be more inclusi—” NO. cool club. must present us as such. A Cool Club. 

Jul 30


i totally fucking forgot he runs tangent online, which does mag reviews oh my God this is good enough that i am forgetting how much i dont want to go to work. 

#for those w/o long and bitter memories, truesdale is the one who made a petition aimed at SFWA criticizing them for implementing policies re: not saying gross and weird shit about women in the field in their professional publication(s) and made a stink about ~~censorship~~~~~~~~~~~

==this got long im putting it under a cut spoilers the things that truesdale and all the male reviewers say frustrate me the end===

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The bird-loving folks of developer Mediatonic (Amateur Surgeon, Foul Play) and avian-friendly publisher Devolver Digital are pleased to announce that the revamped Hatoful Boyfriend will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux on August 21st. Early birds can get 10% off the $9.99 worm by pre-ordering Hatoful Boyfriend before it launches on Steam (

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Longtime fans of the series can expect to discover an exclusive all-new scenario and ending designed by series creator Hato Moa.


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There’s going to be a collector’s edition!