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Jul 23

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Jul 22

im taking a peek at the wonderbook pdf (for the related works stuff) which i guess is not the FULL thing? im not actually sure. anyway, i like how ambitious and experimental it is, formwise, for a book about writing. 

eudaemaniacal replied to your post:i always feel bad about talking about the hugos so…
shit talk the hugos into infinity pls

good news — grimnoir whatever the fuck isn’t actually pulling mass effect plotlines it’s. lit. doing what the plot of i think like every other x-men comic is  and also i think half of the movies (welp guess we have to work w/ these Evil Mutants bc of their Powers, welp guess the gov’t wants us on a registry, welp theres some Threat space alien thing welp.) except theres no patrick stewart and its incredibly bland. 

like im sure that theres shit in the first two. grimnoir chroncii that would give me more backstory and possibly investment, but the rule is if you’re nominated for something that’s a sequel/a later part in a series that shit better stand up on its own or it doesn’t deserve to win. they even included the first two knowing that this wouldn’t be as intriguing w/o them but too bad, those are the rules. 

grimnoir chronicles vol III update a chapter in: 

i always feel bad about talking about the hugos so much. i know it is silly and possibly irritating, i try to tag accordingly, sometimes i get V Insecure about like, what i blog, in a “i should not be blogging i will Irritate People” sort of way but . also it is My Blog and its not Good for me to go “oh no….. ppl wil lbe irritated ….” 

and the three potentially good novels are all extracts. its almost like they want me to read the grimnoir chronicles. 

saga isnt in the voter packet. 

also pissed that theres only three women on the 1939 retro hugo ballot. cl moore and margaret brundage, both of whom they were kind of obligated to put on there — moore being incredibly prolific (and having probably co-written half the stories her husband has on the ballot) and brundage being the person who made so so so many weird tales covers and was one of the — if not the — biggest figure in cover art of early scifi mags. and ayn rand because. we can never be free of ayn rand. 

and, God help me, I want to see what Warbound, Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles looks like without actually having to contribute to the guy’s sales. 

i caved and bought a supporting membership to loncon 3. 

like i know voting in the hugos is a pointless gesture (and also that theres only a week left till voting closes so the stuff i havent read im gonna have to sort of zoom thru) but if people are going to fuck up the ballot i’m at least going to go down fighting. im at least going to make it hard for them for their shitty ass novels and stories to win.